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7 Traits of Successful People (How To Live A Happy And Successful Life Part 15)

Traits of Successful People - Road To Success

In Part 13 of this series we dealt with what makes people unsuccessful. Now it's time to flip the coin and look at 7 traits of successful people.

In the modern world, most people have a set of dreams or aspirations that make up their ideal life. This process started as we were growing up in the 'modelling' phase of child development.

Initially we copy our parents' beliefs and behaviours. As we get older we look to cartoon characters such as super heroes or fairy godmothers.

Finally we look to real individuals to model our beliefs and behaviour. As time goes on, our personality becomes an amalgam of everything we have experienced. 

I have said this before in other posts, and I reiterate it here. If you want to be successful at something, the best way to do it is to model someone who is successful at what you want to be successful at.

To be successful at business, model successful business people.

If you want to be successful at a sport, model those who are successful in that sport.

That being said, is there a general process by which we can model success? Is there something that applies to all regardless of the speciality?

Indeed, should we randomly idealise anybody who inspires us? 

The answer is - no! There are some individuals who do not act in the interests of others - a thief may idealise a mafia leader, but the only thing he may become successful at is stealing!

So, if we want to be worthy and successful individuals, then we need to idealise people who have the following important traits.

1. Successful People have a Positive Mental Attitude

What is a positive attitude? There are many books out there that discuss this in detail.

If you want a more detailed definition of a positive attitude, check out this article 

Also there is a short video here:

Speaking generally, a positive attitude not only makes us successful, but it also makes us open to all the opportunities that come our way.

Successful people radiate positivity and never let go of any opportunity, no matter how small. It is these micro-opportunities that caused them to climb their success ladders.

2. Successful People Value Time

Successful people set their priorities and plan for each day. Not only that, but they also value other people's time and fulfil their deadlines accordingly.

For example, they are always punctual and well prepared for meetings.

3. Successful People Are Accountable

Despite being high risk takers, successful people are accountable for their actions, whether successful or not.

They do not blame their environment or other people for their own failures, but will always analyse what happened in order to improve their results.

4. Successful People Are Proactive

Being well planned is the key trait of successful people. They are proactive in their actions and their positive attitude supports their proactive measures. 

5. Successful People Are Creative

Creativity is one of the keys to success. Like a positive mental attitude, creativity lets you see new opportunities and work towards them.

All leaders are creative, in that they build on the strengths of their organization.

6. Successful People Communicate Well

Good communication skills are an important asset of successful individuals. Being well versed not only in verbal but also non verbal communication skills reflects hugely upon the personality of a successful individual.

Reaching out to others via communication can attract a lot of people towards you who may also bring newer opportunities. 

For more on this check out this video by Tony Robbins:

7. Successful People Are Resilient

Being successful is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of perseverance and resilience as successes do not come without failures. The strength needed to stand up after failing is the actual test that successful people go through.

This means that resilience, as a trait, should never be overlooked while selecting successful ideals. A person cannot be successful if they haven't undergone any offsets. 


The above-mentioned traits are amongst just few traits of successful people. If you would like to read about this topic in more detail, check out the article series "13 Essentials For Success"

Traits of Successful People - Will Rogers Quote