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Tap Into The Master Mind

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Two Heads Are Better Than One’

Well there’s nothing truer than that!

As part of my coaching activities, I regularly tap into the minds of others in my field. I am a member of a Facebook group that was set up by our training college, and I also participate in ‘Meetup’ groups in my local area.

Napoleon Hill devotes a whole chapter in ‘Think And Grow Rich’ to ‘The Power of the Master Mind’

Hill notes that the Master Mind is one of the many different sources of knowledge, but differs in one important way.

These sources of knowledge are:

  • infinite intelligence
  • accumulated experience
  • experimentation and research.

But alone, even when we use these sources, we are only acting in one dimension. The way to multiply these sources is to use the power of the Master Mind.

However, this multiplication is not merely linear in that 5 times the results are obtained from 5 times the people – it is more like an exponential relationship yielding 50, 500 or 5,000 times the results.

If you have a desire to get something or be something to be successful, guess what you need to do?

Join or form a Mastermind group for yourself!