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Start A Passion Project and Add Meaning To Your Life

In this article we talk about the idea of a Passion Project as a way to add meaning to your life.

Passion Project Life Meaning

There's a reason why celebrities, instructors, coaches and even Pinterest forums are speaking about passion projects. It’s a topic that appeals to anyone who wants meaning in their life.

Before you push aside the idea - either because you lack the time or cash to squeeze some thing greater into your days - here are some inspiring examples.

Passion Project Life Meaning: Trollope-Lauren

For instance, British novelist Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) wrote his novels while he was working at the Post Office.

Ralph Lauren (1939- ) was a Brooks Brothers salesman who began his style empire with only $50,000.

And countless other 'Big Names' have done the same.

So you can do it too. In this article I'll show you how a pet project can enrich your lifestyle, create purpose and meaning, and you'll learn how to formulate your ideas into action.

Life Purpose - Passions

4 Benefits of having a Passion Project to Add Meaning To Life

1. You broaden your self belief. 

By stretching yourself, you stretch your abilities. As you increase your strengths, you toughen your belief in yourself and your abilities.

2. Stress Management. 

By taking up challenges you throw off tension. By focusing your attention on growth instead of obstacles, you remodel your down-time into a productive break that will renew your enthusiasm in your future.

3. You make a contribution to society.

Perhaps you could invent a way to make salt water drinkable or simply make someone smile with the cartoons you draw. Or even the elusive 'better mousetrap'! 

4. Feel fulfilled

Most of all, pursuing your passions allows you to experience greater pleasure and contentment. You spend it on priorities that matter to you instead of just checking items off your to do list. 

Following your goals can also require taking risks, but the rewards are worth it.

Passion Project Life Meaning: magnifying Glass

How To Find A Passion Project

1. List your pastimes.

Consider the things you adore. What things to you do for their own sake without considering external obligations or rewards? What things cause you to be so immersed that you lose track of time?

2. What about your childhood?

If you want inspiration, revisit your childhood memories. For instance, if you can remember your part in a high school play, perhaps you might want to take up acting.

3. Watch for unmet needs. 

If you want to turn your passions into a career, tailor them into something that others are searching for. For instance, you may be dog-sitter who also can groom dogs in their own homes.

4. Seek feedback.

Ask friends, your family or coworkers for input. They will be aware of your individual talents and will usually give you an honest answer.

Passion Project Life Meaning: Old Alarm Clock

How to make time for your Passion Project

1. Turn off the television and the Internet/Facebook/Twitter!

It is amazing how much time we spend on these activities! We all spend time absorbing information passively from these sources at the expense of more productive activities.

Additionally we get programmed to think and act a certain way that may not be in our best interests. 

Use with caution!

2. Keep a log of your daily activities.

Start out tracking what you spend your time on. By doing this you will be amazed how much time it is. Not only that, but you will also discover activities that you could dispense with or delegate to others. You will also find out other ways to do things more efficiently.

3. Live Healthily

There are only 24 hours in a day, but you can maximise your energy levels throughout that time. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat healthy and nourishing food. Workout frequently and move around, even as you make phone calls or cook dinner.

4. Support Each Other

A Passion Project is a bold venture, so we need to help each other out. Work with your circle of relatives, pals or co-workers and let them know what you’re up to. Encourage each other and provide helpful and constructive feedback. Maybe you can even exchange financial support or barter your time and services.

By creating a Passion Project you can bring greater reason and pleasure into your life. You will also build a happy legacy, starting today.

If you would like to do an online test to discover your passions, please check out this website.

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