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Slay Your Inner Saboteur!

Bill Harris

by Bill Harris, late Founder, Centerpointe Research Institute

What you believe has a powerful effect on your life. If you master your beliefs, instead of letting them run loose in your brain, you can use those beliefs to automatically attract what you want into your life and to create the life of your dreams.

To do that, you must develop the awareness to go inside and watch to see how your beliefs generate what happens in your life, inside and out.

What you believe without awareness (on autopilot) and mostly based on things that happened in your youth, will create the same results over and over automatically, without choice, and not typically serving your highest best good.

What you believe with awareness as you are experiencing it, and seeing yourself believe it–including the consequences–then becomes a choice.

This is critically important because once you have true choice, you’ll always choose what serves you, and drop what doesn’t.

This is the real way to change self-sabotaging beliefs.

Let’s look at the power of your limiting beliefs, those ideas in your mind that sabotage the things you want most in life, whether it’s to lose weight, find a romantic partner, get a raise, write a book, or travel around the world.

When you believe something, you make it come true for yourself.

This is true whether you attract Mr. or Ms. Wrong like a magnet every time, or if you repeatedly fail at the same endeavour -- saving money, losing weight, building love relationships, or getting your book on the Bestseller List.

This is also true when you’re unable to figure out the next right thing to do, so you sit on the couch and binge-watch Netflix instead.

What you believe about yourself, other people and the world will come true for you... or it will “seem” to be true for you, every time.

Learning to watch these patterns, with awareness, from a detached and curious point of view, will help you slay that inner saboteur and automatically start choosing only what serves you (and others).

The way to begin this is to notice when you’re focusing on what you DON’T want and change your focus to what you DO want.

Ask yourself resourceful questions. If you find yourself focusing on being in debt by making internal pictures and thoughts of owing money and being poor, you could ask yourself:

“Given this situation, how can I create enough money to pay these debts and create some savings?”

Here are some other examples that will pivot your focus, give your brain powerful new instructions, and improve your results in life:

  • What is the best way for me to make more money by [insert date]?
  • How can I meet new people, soon, who are interesting and fun?
  • What is the first thing I should do to lose weight/get stronger?
  • How can I improve my relationship with _____________?
  • What can I do TODAY to move my dream forward?

Decide what you want and ask yourself how you can get it.

This focuses your mind on what you want. This causes you to generate ideas, notice resources you didn’t notice before, draw on internal resources you didn’t know you had, and become motivated to take action.

Your mind can find solutions to any problem, if you engage it in the right way.

Engaging your mind “in the right way” means consciously shifting your focus. When you find yourself traveling down that same old highway of self-defeating thoughts, stop!

Catch yourself, and redirect your focus on what you DO want, knowing that your mind is like a will attract what you focus on, every time. And, since whatever you deeply believe ends up being “true” - why not believe that which will give you the outcomes you want?

  • Believe that you can have great relationships, and you will
  • Believe that you can make money, and you will
  • Believe that you can be happy, and you will be
  • Believe that you’re loveable, and you will be

A foolproof way to change non-resourceful beliefs, beliefs that sabotage you in one way or another is adopt the “Witness” posture, to watch, with awareness,  the process of how what you believe creates what happens in your life.

To become the Witness, you must mentally step aside and, with great curiosity, watch yourself having your unresourceful feeling or behaviour. You might say to yourself:

“There I am, doing ___________.” Or, “There I am feeling _____________. How interesting!”

The act of stepping aside to watch helps create conscious awareness, because it keeps you from becoming lost in the feelings or behaviours.

This watching needs to be done, however, without attachment to the outcome.

In other words, you must objectively and curiously watch what is happening—not to change anything, but just to notice what is happening. The ability to step aside and watch yourself–as you feel and act–is an acquired skill that takes time and practice to develop but it will totally change your life.

(Meditation, by the way, naturally develops your ability to become the Witness.)

This watching process almost magically causes any belief that isn’t resourceful to fall away and whatever is resourceful to remain.

One of the key elements of this process is to take responsibility for everything that “happens” in your life.

Forget earthquakes, bad traffic and taxes for a minute. One of the most powerful things you can shift in your life is to let go of the “victim” mentality...and take responsibility for your life.

What you have created, attracted and assumed all your life, you can now change.

And your life will instantly start changing for the better.

If, on the other hand, you think something outside of you is creating your experiences and outcomes, rather than acknowledging that your experience actually comes from your thoughts, beliefs and actions - then you will always be a victim of circumstance. Don’t let this continue!

Always looking for something or someone else to blame is the kiss of death for anyone who wants to develop expanded awareness and master the ability to create what they want in life.

Choose responsibility and choose to practice the “Witness” position. This creates awareness, and awareness creates choice.

Choice – true choice, conscious choice – automatically slays the inner saboteur and lets you be the hero of the life you want.  

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