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Share Your Dreams – What Dreams Are You Afraid To Share?

In this article we look at dreams and why some are afraid to share them.

Share Your Dreams - Dream

You have a dream in your heart. It’s the one that’s so precious, so fragile, and so important to you that you don’t share it with others.

It's held close, and in the hopes that by protecting it, you’ll one day get the chance to live it.

That’s what Maddie did. She’d dreamed of being a writer since she was a kid.

She wanted to write books and see them sold at bookstores around the world.

But she never shared the dream with anyone, and by the time she graduated high school, she decided she needed a practical career.

Maddie went to college for years and got a degree. Then she began a career as a dentist.

She enjoyed getting to help her patients but she still went home every night, feeling unfulfilled.

Maddie daydreamed in the quiet moments about the books she’d write.

Share Your Dreams - Realm Of Dreams

Share Your Dreams - Why Does This Dream Scare You?

Are you like Maddie? Do you have a dream that you’ve managed to keep quiet over the years?

Maybe you’ve told yourself that you’ll write that book when the kids are grown. Maybe you’ve decided that you’ll have time to travel when you retire.

Perhaps you’ve said that one day you’ll go back to school and pursue that career dream, just as soon as you have enough money.

But stop and think. Ask yourself what you’re really afraid of. What makes you so frightened of going after the dream?

Are you afraid of what people will say? Do you worry that your spouse won’t be supportive? Are you concerned about being shunned by others in your community?

Share Your Dreams - How Will Your Dream Change Your Life?

Sometimes, we fear fulfilling our dreams because it means change.

Even good changes – like finally working in a career that makes you happy or making room in your life to travel as often as you want – can feel scary.

Before you can go after that dream, you need to ponder how your life will change. You need to imagine the day you’ll leave your job.

You should visualise the moment you step on the stage and receive the diploma you’ve always wanted. Close your eyes and create the life of your dreams in your mind.

Share Your Dreams - Pursue Dreams

Share Your Dreams - Are You Ready to Pursue Your Dream? 

There is a chasm between the life of your dreams and your life now.

The space in between the two will be filled with hard work, bitter tears, crippling setbacks, and intense pain.

But if you’re willing to persevere, you’ll find the life you want is on the other side.

Maddie followed after her dream of becoming an author. She started writing books. She took writing classes.

And she networked with other authors and began submitting her work to publishing houses. She got feedback that helped her improve her work even more. She hasn’t sold a book yet, but she’s close.

It takes courage to pursue your dreams and it’s tough. But it’s not nearly as hard as sitting on the sidelines of your own life, hoping that one day you get a chance to live out your deepest longings.


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