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Self-Belief: Here Are 5 Brain Hacks to Build It

In this article we look a several ways to build your self-belief

Self-Belief: I Believe In Me

Have you ever thought there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you want?

We find ourselves caught up in a slew of obligations involving everything from work to taking care of our families. In the end, who has time to better themselves?

Or are there enough hours after all?

If your self-belief is dragging, the last thing you need is to put yourself on the back burner.


Because you need self-belief if you’re going to succeed in your life. Thankfully, there’s help.

Keep reading to discover five brain hacks guaranteed to build your belief in yourself, without taking up a lot of your extra time.

1. Self-Belief via Affirmations

You’ve probably already seen a lot about positive affirmations, mostly because they actually work!

By writing out several statements to encourage yourself, and then making an honest effort to read them daily (especially out loud) you’ll find after a while, you start believing them.

How to make them work with minimal effort? Write them on sticky notes and place them around your house where you’ll find as you go about your daily life.

Make a point of reading them when you find them.

A good template to use for affirmations is something like the following:

I am so happy and grateful that... (affirmation stated in the present)

Introducing the element of gratitude will greatly amplify your feelings and motivate you into the state that you desire.

2. Work Your Subconscious

The beauty of our brains is we don’t always realise how much is being processed without our awareness.

Put positive reminders around that trigger feelings of confidence and contentment.

Won an award? Hang it where you can see it. That letter of commendation? Why not frame it?

Self-Belief - Journal

3. Self-Belief by Journaling

We process things better when we write them down. Keep a journal and write about the things you’ve accomplished each day.

Add in what inspires you, and notes toward positive growth. Re-read previous passages to remind you of how far you’ve come - preferably do this each day as well.

4. Watch the Self-Talk

If that internal voice is what’s getting you down, it’s time to tell your inner critic to shut up and find somewhere else to live.

Put a stop to negative self-talk. Instead, substitute more positive variations on what’s being said.

Replace lies with truths about how much you’ve already done, and how awesome you truly are.

Self-Belief - Meditation

5. Self-Belief via Meditation

You don’t have to dedicate an hour for meditation to be effective.

Taking even 10 or fifteen minutes to empty your mind and relax will help you focus inward.

If you have a little more time, try a guided meditation, focusing on one of your affirmations for an extra positive jolt.

There is a great tool that I use personally called Holosync™️ that incorporates your affirmations.

If you would like to find out more about this product please check it out here.

Self-Belief - Conclusion

None of these items has to take long to be effective. The key is to repeat these steps daily until they become a habit. 

Before you know it, your confidence will rise. Self-belief is ready to open the door to a more productive, happy, and successful life.

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