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Own The Day And Own Your Life

Own Your Life

To most of us, the passing of each day may seem trivial, but in reality the sum total of our days makes up our life. Thus every day matters a lot. It follows that if you can get the most out of each day, you'll have an amazing life!

Unfortunately, conquering each day doesn’t happen by accident. It requires intention and focus.

In the 7 points below, we show you how to master the day, and in turn, your life.

1. Realize the power of each day

A day may not seem like much. I'm sure you’ve experienced plenty of long days where it seemed you accomplished nothing. Whilst it’s true that a single day might mean a lot, a small amount of progress each day can result in a dramatically different future.

  • Realize the power and potential of each day and be determined to make the most of it.

2. Have a plan for each day

Have a detailed plan for the day and for the week before you even think about going to bed at night. When you wake up, grab your list of to-do items and get busy as soon as possible.

  • There’s an added bonus to planning out your day the night before. Your brain has a chance to think about your list of items as you sleep. Your brain will predict the challenges you’re likely to face and have a few solutions in mind.
  • Try it and you’ll find that your day goes much more smoothly.
Own You Life - Alarm Clock

3. Own Your Life - Wake up earlier

If you want to own the day, get started early. Successful people tend to get up pretty early. How successful do you want to be? A successful person doesn’t scramble around in the morning trying to find a pair of clean socks. Start your day as early as possible and grab it by the throat.

4. Focus

What are you going to do for the next hour? Ask yourself this important question each hour. Whether your objective is to write a report, return phone calls, or enjoy your favourite movie as much as possible, identify what you’re trying to accomplish and focus on doing it. Keep your mind on the identified task.

Own Your Life - Hiking Break

5. Take suitable breaks

You can get more accomplished each day if you take planned breaks. Working nonstop leads to slowing down later in the day. You’ll ultimately accomplish more if you take a break every couple of hours.

6. Own Your Life - Remove distractions

Distractions will prevent you from owning the day and thus from owning your life. There’s no reason to rely on your will power to avoid the distractions in your environment if you have the ability to remove them instead.

  • It's all very well to be tough and stoic. However it's mush easier just to remove the distractions to the best of your ability.
Own Your life - Review Each Day

7. Review each day at the end

You had a good day, but could it have been even better? Figure out what you could have done differently or better. Make a new plan for tomorrow and include this knowledge.

  • Reviewing your day is a pivotal part of developing your approach to life. So many people simply repeat the same mediocre days over and over. Mediocre days lead to a mediocre life.

Are you getting the most from each day of your life? Do you have a plan for the day? For the week? What are you committed to accomplishing today? What time did you get up today?

Own Your Day and Own Your Life

An amazing life is the result of amazing days. Spending your day focused on activities that lead to accomplishing your goals qualifies as an amazing day. An amazing life can be yours, but you have to create it one day at a time.

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