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In order to HAVE, we need to BE

Be-Do-HaveI’m sure many, if not all readers have goals. They may be definite or they may not be definite at all.

Most personal development teachers will always talk not just about the goals, but how you’re going to achieve them.

You’ve surely heard of the different ‘systems’ for setting goals, such as the ‘SMART’ system. I don’t need to elaborate on this now but if you don’t know about it check out this article for more information.

Another much simpler system of getting what you want is called the ‘Be-Do-Have’ system.

As it appears from the name, there are 3 simple components of the system. ‘BE’, ‘DO’ and ‘HAVE’

Generally you start out defining what you want to HAVE. Stephen Covey called this principle ‘Start With The End In Mind’ in ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ (Habit No. 2). For example ‘I want to have a fabulous mansion in the Bahamas.’

The next question to ask is ‘who must I BE’ in order to have that mansion?

A possible answer to this is ‘I mus BE a rich and successful person’. However you may need to ask yourself further, ‘what does that entail?’ ‘How do I BE a rich and successful person?’

Once these 2 have been brought into consideration, it naturally flows that you need to DO something to have that house in the Bahamas. “What do I need to DO to get this house?’ Notice the questions keep coming as you delve deeper into the goal and its achievement.

When we use this technique, we see that when the HAVing is determined by the BEing – the DOing comes as a matter of course.

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