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If You Want It, Go Get It!

ERI often hear people complaining that ‘life sucks’ or ‘why does this always happen to me?’

It’s as everything ‘happens’ to them.

However, the ‘Secret’ is not that ‘life happens to people,’ it’s more that people ‘happen to life.’

If you are relying on the lottery to make you wealthy, or the government to give you a welfare cheque, you really are placing your life in out of your hands.

For years I was like this – I was always complaining and ‘reacting’ to what happened in life.

It took me a while to work out that the opposite needs to be true if you want to get anywhere in life. I had to take responsibility for my life – if I didn’t have the knowledge I would study, if I needed help I would seek it.

As a result I have acquired enough knowledge and skills to be able to help people get what they want in life. I discovered my ‘why,’ which propels me on despite the odd adversity.

So if you want to get what you want in life, take responsibility for getting it. There are zillions of tools out there to help you!

Check out this classic video from the late Jim Rohn where he spells this out!