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How to Have It All, Part 3 (Continued)

Article By Marc Gilson, Director of Client Services, Centerpointe Research Institute

(Continued from Part 3a)

ValuesWhen you’re plagued with internal values conflicts, you can experience guilt, frustration, shame, anger, disappointment, and, well, you get the idea. It’s no wonder so much unhappiness in our lives is rooted in a lack of clarity around our values.

So just clear up your values conflicts and voila! – Problem solved, right? Well, yes and no.

While there is a simplicity in the idea of clarifying one’s values, it can be challenging to actually do it. It’s sometimes quite confronting to discover values that don’t really reflect what it is we truly feel is important.

It can be a little disorienting to find that what we thought was important is really just something we’ve been pouring a lot of worry and energy into without much to show for it in return.

Or we might find values we’ve spent many years repressing or ignoring. Or, as with the case with Chris from Part Two (link), in addition to discovering covert values we’d ignored, we might even learn that the values we thought were our own really come from someone else.

No, the truth is that clarifying values isn’t always easy. In fact it takes a little work and some real courage!

By now you might be worried that clarifying values is too much hassle. While clarifying values is obviously a worthwhile process, it might seem daunting to delve into your values and try to put them all in some sort of order.

Values ClarifierBill knew this all too well. So not only did he leave behind a lot of great information on values and how to clarify them, he actually built a tool designed to help you do just that. It’s called (aptly enough) The Values Clarifier.

Now let me be honest here.

You can sit down and work on your values list on your own.

You don’t absolutely need any extra tools. But this tool is going to make the entire process much easier and faster.

This workbook that has two main sections. In the first section, Bill gives an a lot of incredibly helpful info about values (way more than I’ve had time to delve into, even in this three-part series).

And in the second section, Bill provides a step-by-step exercise to help you clarify your own values. There’s also an audio presentation in which Bill discusses values and how to use this amazing tool to help you clarify and organize your own values set.

The Values Clarifier was originally designed as a complementary tool to accompany Bill’s Life Principles Integration Program, or “LPIP.” But it’s become such a popular stand-alone product that we’ve been offering it on its own to our clients for over a decade.

Anyone who has worked with me in a life coaching capacity knows that in the 20+ years I’ve been doing this work, never have I found a more helpful and concise workbook to help transform lives than The Values Clarifier.

I’ve recommended this tool to hundreds of people over the years and have gone through the process myself several times. I’ve even walked some family members through it. I tell people about it all the time, so I’m really excited to finally share this with you too!

This downloadable workbook and audio presentation has sold for over $40 in the past. Sometimes we mark it down to $19.95 when we’re holding a sale.

But this is the first and probably only time it will ever be offered for the price of $11.95. Yes, for under twelve bucks you can get a-hold of one of the best tools we’ve ever offered for transforming your life.

The Values Clarifier is designed to:

  • Provide a clear and concise picture of what values are and how they work
  • Help you discover what YOUR REAL values are
  • Identify and eliminate values conflicts
  • Resolve emotional charge from “negative” values
  • Build a prioritized values structure designed to give you more happiness, inner peace, and success

Not bad, right?

And here’s where I get to say, “But that’s not all!” I want to remind you that when you get your Values Clarifier, you’re not just getting a workbook that you fill out by yourself. You’re also getting the support and guidance of caring, trained, professional Accelerated Results Coaches.

Centerpointe’s ARCs are like family to me and I know how proud Bill was of their dedication to helping each and every Centerpointe client get the absolute most out of their program materials, including The Values Clarifier.

So when you get your Values Clarifier and dig into it, and you find yourself needing a little guidance or feedback, give our Accelerated Results Coaching Team a call. Just tell them you need some help with clarifying your values and they will support and guide you through the process.

What a nice plus – to have a group of people available to speak with who are trained to help you through one of the most powerful personal development exercises you may ever engage in.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this three-part series on happiness, success, and values.

And I hope you’ll decide to give The Values Clarifier a try. I’d like to leave you with one more brief comment from Bill…

“Everyone knows success takes hard work. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that hard work doesn’t always make a person happy. You have to ‘know the purpose,’ which means you should know why you’re working hard. Is it because you’ve been told by someone else to do it?

Once you get clear about your values, any hard work you put in will give you a lot more happiness and success because it will be an investment in values you’ve consciously chosen.”

This makes all the difference if you want to be happy and successful. And you can do it!

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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