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Educate Yourself For A Happy And Successful Life (How to Live A Happy And Successful Life Part 10)

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Today we discuss why you should educate yourself for a happy and successful life.

We also look at some people who were NOT educated but who were, nevertheless, successful at what they did.

If we want to be successful in life, one of the fundamental principles upon which success depends is our education.

To understand the role of education and its impact on success, it's important to understand how to measure a successful life. Some things that might indicate success are wealth, fame, career position, property, assets and most of all, personality.

While many claim that you either need to be lucky, or are somehow born into success, we do need to realize that just being born with these assets will not make us automatically successful.

Regardless of whether you are born rich or poor, it's important to focus on how you can be and stay successful. So here is a question: why do people insist on being educated in order to be successful?

Well, it's quite simple: in addition to giving you important knowledge and skills, it also gives you a sense of direction, as well as a sense of focus.

Of course, being able to reason well is also important, as many who have succeeded have done so because they made good decisions.

But our decisions eventually depend on our education and are in some way affected by our level of education and experience. 

Entrepreneurs may have different approaches, strategies and planning tendencies depending on whether they are educated or uneducated. However, education makes you stand out amongst the others, gives you dignity and grace.

The chances of having better paid jobs and even better careers are all dependent on your level of education. 

Education - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, (1955-2011), late CEO of Apple

Educate Yourself For A Happy And Successful Life - But There Are Exceptions!

It is true that there are exceptions to every rule. College dropouts such as Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Steve Jobs are some examples of this.

Despite not having a college degree, these men were so hardworking and intelligent that they became billionaires.

That said, even though the likes of Jobs et. al. were college dropouts, they still didn't stop learning. They just learned from their mistakes. Their education was 'on the ground.'

That said, not everyone is like them and following their path is not everybody's cup of tea.  But that's OK. Everyone is different. However most people have to face that reality rather than dream about the exceptions.

For the rest of us, the best thing to do is to take charge and educate ourselves. A Masters or any Professional degree can be the key to success as these degrees will not only land us in a better paying job, but will also make us worthy of it.

However each qualification does need to be relevant to our desired career. Many people take an Arts or Science degree without ever knowing why they are doing it. They drift through and graduate but discover at that point that they have no motivation for whatever their job may entail.

Educate Yourself For A Happy And Successful Life - Ford Quote

A 'Job' or a Vocation - either way education is needed!

Education can be career or vocation focused - that is you can train to become a doctor or a lawyer. But it need not be.

People who study the arts or the sciences may be perfectly happy learning for learning's sake. These people usually become research professors and teachers. For them the thrill of discovering and passing on new knowledge is what drives them.

Education shapes our personality and values, and this helps us deal with the numerous business and corporate situations that otherwise leave us confused.

Moreover, education strengthens our inner self, as the values that it gives us also help us to portray ourselves in a much better way to society. 

So always remember, the key to most people's success is a good education: it transforms our knowledge, values and our approach towards the way to success. When thinking about education, ask yourself:

'How does this education serve my vocation?'