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Becoming The Ultimate You

by Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies

My whole purpose here is to help you become the ultimate you. To help you get great at living life. To help you maximize your potential - in the shortest period of time possible.

Start out by setting your expectations.

Clarify what you want to accomplish.

You don’t have to have a big goal in mind. Take a minute to think about something that is important to you, something that when you accomplish it, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved a significant benefit. We’ll call it your chief aim.

Your goal may be a desire to get rid of a problem you have and don’t want.

Your Chief Aim

For example, to eliminate the feeling of overwhelm from the disruptive changes going on in your life. Or it may be to gain something important you want but don’t have. For example, you would like to have more time during your day to get your priorities finished. 

In either case it’s best if you can specify what your life would look like, sound like, and feel like when you have accomplished it.

For example, you might say, “I will gain the strategies that help me stay energized and productive in my work, and I’ll feel a greater sense of peacefulness within myself.”

When you can clearly specify the end result you intend to create, such as energized productivity and inner peace, you establish a positive orientation that is easiest for the mind to achieve.

You see, your mind is a goal-seeking device.

When you focus on what you don’t want, or dwell on any sense of lack or limitation regarding what you don’t have now, the mind tends to create more of what you think about.

That’s why the chief aim would never be, “My goal is to not be so stressed out at work and down on myself.”

That negative orientation puts the focus of your mind in the wrong place. 

Instead you might say, “My goal is to complete my big project on time, feeling motivated and confident each day.”

That gives you a positive orientation, positioning your thinking with the desired end result in mind.

Make sure you specify your intention, your chief aim, as clearly as possible, in terms that describe what you are choosing to create.

Alright? That’s enough about goal setting for now. Now I’d like to shift our focus.

A Strategy for Instantaneous Change

When I was a young man studying biological sciences at the University of Minnesota, I had the opportunity to train in clinical hypnosis from a delightful, elderly woman named Mrs. Bowers.

She spotted the potential in me and took me on as her protégé. She put me to work in her clinic helping clients with a wide variety of challenges from fears of public speaking to bad habits to professional development issues.

When I graduated from the university, I became the executive director of her practice - the oldest established hypnosis clinic in the Twin Cities.

Soon after that I became one of the first certified practitioners of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP, and one of 70 Master Practitioners of NLP in the world at that time.

Within two years I was the director of the personal development division for an international training and development company based in Minneapolis, and then in 1981, I helped co-found Learning Strategies.

What I am going to be sharing with you is not hypnosis. It goes way beyond that and beyond NLP as well.

I’m going to be sharing techniques and strategies I’ve developed over more than 35 years to help people successfully live their fullest potential - people just like you - in 185 countries around the world.

Just so we are clear, what I’m calling “the magic formula” is a step-by-step protocol or strategy for instantaneous change.

The first step is to prepare yourself. Ideally, be in a quiet space where you can relax, uninterrupted for ten minutes.

If you lie down, do so with your feet and legs slightly apart, your hands and arms resting alongside and slightly away from your body, with your palms facing up.

If you will be sitting up, that will work fine. It’s best if you can sit upright with your back supported.

Then just slide your hips slightly forward to relieve any tension across your shoulders. Your feet are on the floor, and your hands resting on your lap without touching each other. Palms up or down, it’s up to you.

Preparing yourself in this way puts your body in a very open posture for relaxing and learning, so nothing will bother you physically, mentally, or emotionally.

A Clear Declaration

The next step is to release the stress you’ve been experiencing, focusing your awareness and intention on what you want to create. In this case, your intention is to take ten minutes to relax, recharge, and be ready for the rest of your day feeling your best.

Here’s how you can do this super easily.

Look at a spot on the ceiling or wall, slightly above eye level. Gently gazing at that spot, say to yourself a clear declaration—to your mind—of exactly what is going to occur for you during this session of complete rest and revitalization.

For example, you can say, “For the next ten minutes, I’m going to go deeply into a relaxed state of awareness.

During this time my body will become refreshed and revitalized, my mind will become clear and calm, and when I return, I will be charged up and ready to enjoy accomplishing my goal with focus and energy.”

Do you get the idea of this declaration?

You’re basically stating to yourself the perfect end result you are going for. Also stating what goal you are going to be accomplishing with focus and energy after your session would be great, too.

Now, if you can, look at a wristwatch or clock with a sweep second hand and say to yourself, “Mind, see how long ten seconds takes to go by, see what time it will be in exactly 10 minutes, and bring me back to full alertness ten minutes from now.”

Just before the ten minutes are up, your mind will let you know it is time to return. Allow your body to straighten up.

Bring a smile to your face. With a deep inhale, stretch your body and open your eyes, and see the sweep second hand crossing the 10-minute mark.

And you will feel fantastic when you return.

The Freedom to Feel Wonderful

This technique has probably been the single most powerful mind development tool I’ve ever used. I can’t even tell you how many times this has saved my life.

As a busy person, you are going to find it adds about 90 minutes of productive time to your day, and it allows you the freedom to feel wonderful for the entire day until you’re ready to go to bed.

Even then, you’re going to rest more productively during your sleep, awakening far more refreshed the next day. You see, when you go to bed relaxed and rested rather than stressed out and exhausted, you gain way more benefit from your sleep.

So that’s the strategy. It’s spectacularly effective when you take a few minutes out of your day to use it.

I’m here to remind you of the phenomenal capabilities you know you have within you.

Just taking ten minutes sometime during your day will give you great energy throughout the rest of your day - and as much as 90 minutes of additional productive time. It’s all about taking a few minutes away from the busyness that has your attention all day long.

This tool is a short session where you can communicate directly with your mind and produce a powerful energetic reboot for yourself.

About Paul Scheele

"You are brilliant beyond your imagination!"

Paul R. Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, has facilitated this realization in millions of lives.

He guides people to achieve extraordinary results in relationships, work, money and health. Paul is an expert on learning how to learn to tap the other 90% of your mind.

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