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7 fears that kill your life purpose

For many years of my life I ran around chasing a lot of things, thinking ‘this is my purpose’

Initially when I left school, my ideas reflected those of my Grandma, who said that I would be the Concert Pianist of the family. Whilst I was quite good at music I didn’t have enough talent to become a professional musician.

It took many moons for me to discover what makes me tick and what my role in life is.

I was like many people who struggle with this: they are fed a system of beliefs and values from their environment – typically family, but also from friends and the media – that their inner character is at odds with.

John Demartini  says that this problem is made acute by one or more of 7 primary fears that we all have, and which in turn are considered based on ‘limiting beliefs’.

The 7 fears are:

  1.  Fear of breaking away from the values system of a perceived spiritual authority. (e.g. “I don’t want to be considered a bad person or go to hell.”)
  2. Fear of not having the mental capability. (“I’m not smart enough.” “I don’t have the credentials or degree”.)
  3. Fear of failure.
  4. Fear of losing it all financially. (“I’ll go broke or bankrupt.” “I won’t make enough money to survive.”)
  5. Fear of losing loved ones. (“My parents might disown me, my lover will leave me, my kids will hate me..”)
  6. Fear of societal rejection. (“I’m afraid of what people will think, I won’t fit in, and people won’t want to be with me.”)
  7. Fear of not having the physical capability. (“I’m not tall enough, strong enough, or good-looking enough. I don’t have the energy for all of this.”)

If you can zero in on one or more of these limiting beliefs and work on them individually, eventually your vision for your life will emerge.

Once you fix yourself on your life’s purpose, these fears will drop away naturally.

Dr Martini has an excellent video on this subject below: