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6 Ways To Stop Naysayers Crushing Your Goals

6 Ways To Stop Naysayers Crushing Your Goals

Crushing Your Goals

Taking a leap of faith for yourself can be a daunting and challenging path. To compound this, naysayers or 'Negative Nellies' only make the journey that much more difficult. No one needs their pessimism, nor do you have to deal with it. 

Here are several ways to deal with these individuals so you can move past them and crush your goals.

1. Crushing Your Goals: Distance Yourself from the Negative

If possible, put space between those individuals and your goals. If you are continually listening to doubt, it will eventually manifest into challenging yourself. If you cannot distance yourself from a naysayer, have an honest conversation with them. Explain that you don’t have to have their support, but their discouragement is not welcome. Be polite but firm.

2. Bolster Yourself with Support

Once you have pushed away the negative, bring in the support. Surrounding yourself with people that believe in your goals will allow you to be yourself and unapologetically go after what you want. The support you receive from others will act as reassurance on the path you are taking, and they will help pick you up when times are tough.

3. No Justification Necessary

You do not have to justify yourself, your goals, or the path you are taking to anyone. Everyone is different, no two people live identical lives or achieve their goals in the same ways. If someone questions you, simply say, "This is what I choose."

4. Crushing Your Goals: Don’t Share

If you know someone you will need to be around think you are crazy for going after your goal in a big way, don’t give them ammunition. Avoid talking about your plans around them. If they try to bring it up, take the conversation another direction.

Crushing Your Goals: Motivation

5. Turn Doubt into Motivation

If someone doubts you, use their doubt as motivation. Maybe that means making a wager or promising yourself that you’ll prove him or her wrong. Either way, do not let the uncertainty of others weigh you down. Most likely, what they think really doesn’t matter.

6. Embrace Solitude and Reflection

Keeping up the hustle to achieve your goals can be a lonely path sometimes. Give yourself downtime to reflect on your goals, how far you have come, and reevaluate your plan of action. This quiet time will also fill your cup and let new ideas and motivation form.

Crushing Your Goals: Affirmation Cards

7.Crushing Your Goals: Set up a series of affirmations that support your goals. 

For instance you could say something like: 'I am meeting my goals daily with ease.' However, make sure that you state your affirmations in the positive and in the present. The mind is funny in that it doesn't distinguish negative from positive. Read these affirmations out daily. Each day reflect on their usefulness and modify as required.

Summing Up

Naysayers are everywhere in life. They are in your family, at work, and maybe even your group of friends. This does not mean that you need to spend your life working within the parameters of their beliefs. You can move beyond their negativity, crushing your goals with relentless willpower. 

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