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10 Things You Must Embrace if You Want to Reach A Big Goal

In this article we look at 10 things you must do if you want to reach any big goal.

Reach A Big Goal - Child

1: Who Are You Listening To… and Why?

Of course, not everyone is going to get it.

When we set out to do something amazing, it’s natural for other people to criticise our goals.

Sometimes these comments come out of jealousy or a lack of understanding of what we’re trying to do.

But sometimes, those comments might hold a nugget of truth or even wisdom.

When the criticism gets harsh, generally it’s time to pause. If you focus on the idea there’s something to learn here, you’ll find you won’t be drawn into negativity, which might hold you back.

Start by asking yourself if perhaps there’s some truth to what’s being said. If so, it might be time to learn how to accept criticism with grace. If not?

Move on. The trick is not to dwell on things that aren’t worth your time. Especially when you’ve got big things to accomplish!

2: Reach A Big Goal: Always Fall Forward

Failure is going to happen.

Big goals don’t happen unless you’re taking risks and trying new things. What this means for you are two very distinct things.

One, you’re probably going to fail at some point.

Two, some well-meaning individual is going to try and protect you from that failure. They may caution you either not to try, or not to attempt it again once you’ve experienced that failure.

The critical thing to realise is the best growth happens as a result of those failures. Here is where you learn what doesn’t work, and usually start to see what does.

To quit now would lose the forward momentum you’re already building and will guarantee you’ll never experience success.

So, tell the naysayers it’s ok. You’ve got this. Really, you do. It’s all part of the journey to success. Then get out there and show them how it’s done!

Reach A Big Goal - Seek Don't Hide

3: Seek, Don’t Hide

There is nothing more comfortable than the status quo. Think about that for a minute.

When we don’t try, then we don’t succeed. It’s really just that simple. The problem is we get caught up in false modesty.

We get so we put ourselves down, especially around the people who may be won’t understand the big picture goals as well as we do.

We downplay our accomplishments and what we’re setting out to do.

Perhaps this was drummed into us as children when we’re taught not to brag. Sadly, this attitude doesn’t serve us, nor does it help with the naysayers.

The reality is, we need to seek our goals with drive and determination.

When you drop the doubting attitudes, the façade you put on when you’re around others, and accept that you not only deserve to do what you are, then the magic begins to happen. 

Here is success! Don’t hide from it.

4: Reach A Big Goal - Pay the Price

What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want?

Naysayers are always so quick to point out the things you don’t have…or won’t have…if you’re busy chasing after a dream.

They love to tell you how much something will cost in terms of time and energy. The hard part about this? It’s very likely true, to an extent.

With any big goal, there’s going to be a commitment of resources.

There’s going to be hard work, time spent, and sometimes even monetary investment to get where you want to go.

The critical thing to remember here is whether or not the goal is worth it.

Remember, giving up something now will generally mean a fantastic payoff later.

So who cares if you’re doing things a little differently or might not have as much free time as you used to?

Remind yourself where you’re going and throw yourself into giving everything you’ve got to get there.

Reach A Big Goal: 'Normal?'

5: Why Be Normal?

When was it we all got the idea that we needed to be just like everybody else?

Somewhere, somehow, the idea of standing out became scary. The problem is, it’s impossible to be a dreamer when you’re doing what everyone else is.

Big goals require thinking outside the box. You need to stand out if you expect to stand up and do great things.

So who cares when someone tells you your goal makes you a little weird? There’s innovation to be found in eccentricity. Creative sorts never fit comfortably in predetermined molds.

The best part?

By being an original who dares to try something new, you’re setting an example to those around you, and giving them permission to do the same. Win-win all the way around!

6: Reach A Big Goal - Keep it to Yourself

Feeling some pushback on your great big goals? Maybe it’s time to forge ahead alone for a bit.

For years experts have touted the benefits of using others to keep one accountable when attempting to accomplish something grand.

Sadly, this is not always practical.

Occasionally you’re going to come across people who aren’t as pleased with your plans as you’d like them to be.

For example, you might be working on quitting smoking, but you’re discovering the buddies you smoke with at work aren’t pleased with your progress.

Of course, they have their own issues. Maybe you remind them of their failed attempts to quit. 

In truth, a lot of this stems from the abandonment they’re feeling because you’re no longer smoking with them, none of which helps you in your goal.

When this happens, it’s sometimes better to just work on your own for a while.

Don’t say a word about what you’re doing. Instead, let the results speak for themselves.

Whatever protests the naysayers would have voiced mean nothing when you’re presenting them with the end product.

Reach A Big Goal - The Tortoise And The Hare

7: Go at Your Own Speed

Remember the tortoise and the hare?

Got people fussing at you because they don’t see you as getting anywhere near your goal?

It’s hard when your mom, your best friend, or even your boss doesn’t think you’re accomplishing anything at all.

In truth, you’re making a multitude of small steps every single day.

These are the actions driving you forward, sometimes so slowly it seems even to you nothing is happening.

But it is.

Rather than listen to people who aren’t in the know, ask the expert (YOU!) just how far you’ve come.

Where are you now that you weren’t last week, last month, or even last year?

Examine the progress you’ve made.

Next, celebrate what you’ve done.

Remember, great big goals are realised in small pieces. Work at your speed, not everyone else’s. Slow and steady wins the race.  

8: Reach A Big Goal - Decide Your Success

What are you working toward?

The world is so quick to tell you what your goals should be.

You’re shown you should be chasing fame, money, or accomplishments without taking into consideration the things you value might not reflect what’s valuable to them.

What you need to realise is people who keep score of how many zeroes come before the decimal point on your bank account aren’t going to understand. 

They won't understand if your great big goal is altruistic or has an end result with a completely different purpose than theirs they are at a loss.

So what to do when the critics are telling you that your focus is on the wrong thing?

Simple. Tell them it’s up to you to define your own success…and start believing it.

Honestly, you’re the master of your fate. If this goal is essential to you, if it excites you, get to it.

YOUR success is what you find fulfilling, not what someone else does.

Reach A Big Goal - Use Your Mind

9: Engage Your Mind

There are two types of people in the world. The first will look at something they don’t know and call it a roadblock. Whatever their goal, here is where they stop cold and go no further. 

The other kind sees the roadblock and recognises the need to educate themselves further.

People who embrace learning are the ones who succeed.

Don’t listen to quitters, instead put your focus on the people who have already traveled the path you’re on and made it where they were trying to go. 

Look for mentors, not excuses to give up. Find teachers, not people willing to commiserate over how hard it is.

All of this starts with a mindset of learning.

You don’t even need to be stumbling to begin building a mind ready for success.

You start with every class you take, every book you pick up, every bit of knowledge you gain. If you do it right, you might never hit those roadblocks at all.

Reach A Big Goal - Celebrate

10: Reach A Big Goal and Celebrate!

No one likes someone jealous.

Sadly, it’s easy to lose sight of your own goal when you’re surrounded by people who’ve already made it to the finish line ahead of you.

When this happens, it’s time to turn around your way of thinking. To get caught up in the success of someone else is a quick trip to quitting. Instead, celebrate the success right alongside the person who just succeeded.

For one thing, it turns your own mind around to a healthier mindset.

More importantly, this ability to show your honest excitement for someone else’s accomplishment shows good character.

It will likely result in a better relationship with this person, and maybe even an opportunity to learn from their success. 

When that happens, you’ve created a win-win all the way around, with the added benefit of no hard feelings.

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