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Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Part 1 – The Building Blocks

Are you someone who is totally bamboozled about your life purpose?You're not alone - in fact some people reckon that less that 1 percent of us really know our purpose and live a purposeful life.In my own

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Finding Your Life Purpose Part 7 – Beliefs

This article is about your beliefs and the way they impact and define your life purpose.What is a Belief?The definition of a belief is anything that you hold to be true. But that doesn't mean that it actually

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Finding Your Life Purpose Part 6 – Coincidences

In this article of the series 'Finding Your Life Purpose' we examine the role of coincidences and what role, if any, do they play in showing you your life purpose.Have you ever experienced the 'perfect

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Finding Your Life Purpose Part 5 – Personality

Life Purpose and PersonalitySo far in our series we have considered 3 aspects that contribute to your Life Purpose - Influences and Roles from your Childhood, your Passions and Interests, and your Talents

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Finding Your Life Purpose Part 4 – Talents And Skills

Finding Your Life Purpose - Talents and SkillsWhen people wonder about their life purpose, they often overlook their talents and skills, some of which may have been there all along without them realising

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Life's Purpose - Passions

Finding Your Life Purpose Part 3 – Passions And Interests

Life Purpose: Passions and Interests When trying to understand our life purpose, our passions and interests are a key component.There are many things that we absolutely love to do. For me it was listening

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Life Purpose Coaching - Childhood Influences

Finding Your Life Purpose: Part 2 – Childhood Influences

Child Prodigy?Childhood Influences on Life PurposeWhy do we look at Childhood Influences on Life Purpose?Because often they are not aligned with your purpose, or they hide your purpose. And very often

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